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Align Again Yoga has a new owner and a new name and website. Please follow this link to see the schedule.


A letter to students

Over the last almost 9 years, I have been running this studio pretty much all by myself (of course John was a really big help so it wasn't totally alone). I'm pretty proud of that since the subject I majored in in college was so far removed from business management that I had never even met a business major (my subject was English by the way). Somewhere along my journey I decided to become a yoga teacher which somehow led to "I want to own a studio." And so I did! I opened a studio in a small town I had only been living in for a year. In Tarot and in Numerology 9 means completion. It means endings and beginnings and since May 31st is the 9 year Anniversary of the studio this news I am about to share is even more auspicious.

I am selling the studio (not the building) to Cailie Currin so she can take this amazing community to the next phase of its life on Main Street.

Some of you might know Cailie as the founder of Currin Compliance, the kick ass spinning teacher at the Y or the woman who teaches Sunday Yoga at the Y, but I know her as my first landlord here in Greenwich. Cailie and I met at the Greenwich Local Market 10 years ago, and before John and I had even bought a house, I had a place to teach yoga in her cute little space on the corner space at 100 Main.

This plan has been in the works for a few months now (sorry to keep the secret from you all). Cailie and I wanted to make sure we had everything in place needed to ensure an easy transition. With Cailie running the show, I am now able to really focus my attention on teaching. Now the books beside my bed can be yoga books again and not books about bookkeeping, and I can spend my time and money on yoga workshops and not marketing coaches. With this change, I can continue upgrading the yoga offerings at the studio.
I'm not going anywhere! The addition of Cailie's expertise and enthusiasm for yoga, for business and for being a part of this community is only going to improve the ways you can deepen your practice.

To celebrate, Cailie and I are having an Open House and Celebration on Saturday, May 19th from 10:30am-4pm.
Meet the teachers, meet each other, ask questions and enjoy time with your yoga community. You will get an official invitation soon!

Namaste and lots of love to you all,

PS You can learn about teacher training and other events that I am doing at