Monday INtermediate



  • students with knowledge of asana and Zaidee’s teaching style, and an ability to modify for skill and fitness level without much prompt.
  • beginners will find this class too challenging
  • students with consistent practice will get the most from it
  • these class are sequential. Dropping in is discouraged without permission from Zaidee.

$65 for 5 classes (other class cards available. Please inquire)

Morning basics

Ongoing every Tuesday with Zaidee: 7:30-8:30am

  • beginner centered
  • all levels of fitness, skill, age, physical ability welcome
  • prenatal friendly
  • Dropping in is encouraged in this class. Stop in anytime.

This class is to teach and refine poses at the basic level of yoga. Nothing complicated or overly challenging will be taught in this class. $45 for 5 classes (other class cards available. Please inquire)

Midweek Refresh and Nourish

Wednesdays with Carol 6:15-7:45pm 

  • beginners centered
  • other levels welcome
  • if class meets minimum, drop ins are welcome

Join Carol in this candle-lit and nourishing mid-week class. Carol’s class will center you to your breath and to a present state of mind. The asana practice will be a total body practice focused on strengthening, increasing flexibility, reducing stress and reaping the benefits of a regular yoga practice. We will build heat and be challenged but wind down to a restorative yoga pose and restful savasana. You will leave ready for the rest of your week and a good night’s sleep. Props are used and modifications for all poses are offered to help people at all levels of fitness, flexibility and experience. $60 for 5 classes

Morning express

Ongoing every Thursday with Zaidee 7:30-8:30am 

  • all levels of fitness, skill, age, physical ability welcome
  • beginner friendly
  • prenatal friendly
  • dropping in is encouraged. Come by anytime.

This class is designed to get a little yoga in your morning. Easy going sequences with a little challenge and a little rest sprinkled throughout. This class will follow the theme of the Monday night Yoga for Women’s Health class. $45 for 5 classes (other class cards available. Please inquire)

Functional Movement for all your achy parts

with Zaidee 9-10am Thursdays 

  • all levels of fitness, skill, and physical ability welcome
  • designed for those with limited movement due to injury – chronic or acute – age, energy level, pregnancy, or illness, or the after care of long term illness.
  • drop-ins are welcome

Using chairs and other props, Zaidee leads students through movement designed to help relieve stress, pain and boost an overall sense of wellness. Students will learn valuable tools to maintain healthy movement outside of class in order to better manage the issues brought on by injury, illness, age and general wear and tear from poor posture. Zaidee helps students at any level enjoy therapeutic exercise and develop their own home practices. This session we will focus on low back pain relief. $45 f0r 5 classes (other class cards available. Please inquire)

Eclectic hatha yoga

9-10:30am Saturdays, See calendar for classes

  • all levels of fitness and age welcome
  • not recommended to students brand new to yoga
  • If class minimum is met drop in students are welcome

This class builds slowly in the classic Hatha tradition of linking breath with movement of the body in asana. Meditation and pranayam are included, as are hands on alignment assists. Given the instructor's background, likely additions to class may include Yin yoga, Thai yoga, Qigong, and the philosophies of Eastern wisdom traditions. $60 for 5 classes

Sunday Community Yoga

Ongoing every Sunday with Zaidee 9-10:30

  • all levels of fitness, skill, age, physical ability welcome
  • modifications are provided
  • beginner friendly
  • prenatal friendly
  • this class is for dropping in any time. No preregistration necessary
  • pay by donation

Sunday’s class is varied in its theme and intensity. Zaidee teaches to who is in the class and what she thinks they all need that day. Some classes can be challenging and some nice and gentle and you never know what you are going to get. But don’t worry! Zaidee can help you modify or offer challenges and reminds you to go at your own pace no matter what she is teaching.

Sunday Morning Meditation

Ongoing every Sunday with John 10:45-11:30am

  • prerequisite for this class is encouraged: 6 Week Beginning Meditation Course
  • all levels welcome
  • pay by donation


With Carrie Whitelaw  Wednesdays 10:00 a.m. – 11:15 a.m. 

Come to a MELT class and experience changes in how your body looks and feels. Learn simple self-treatments you can do at home to remain active, healthy, and pain-free for life. This all-levels class will use a MELT Soft Roller to simulate the results of manual therapy. Learn to eliminate stuck stress before it accumulates causing chronic aches, pains, and unwanted signs of aging. Reduce inflammation, ease chronic neck and low back strain, improve alignment, enhance athletic performance, and keep your whole body feeling great at any age.  Don’t miss your chance to experience this unique self-care technique, featured in the bestselling book The MELT Method. For more information about MELT go to

Fee: $20 single or drop-in, 3-$60, 5-$90, 10-$160 class cards available.  MELT products available for purchase.

To Register Contact: Carrie Whitelaw, LMT MELT Method Instructor or 518-222-9036  

Fridays at 6:00 p.m. Session Beginning September 22, 2017.

One hour class.  $12.00 per class.

Consider Pre-buying the session for a discount!  For details go

10-week class session: September 22,29, October 6,13,20(No class 27th), November 3,10,17 (No class 24), December 1 and 8, 

Wear comfortable workout clothing.  Generally done in bare feet or a dance shoe (gymnastic or ballet slipper type)  Bring water (unbreakable containers please, we are in bare feet).   Contact Christina here 518-791-3729

Tribal Style

Belly Dancing