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The Yoga of Horse and Rider- Part 2

Do you:

  • care for horse better than yourself?
  • feel out of sync with your horse?
  • struggle with fear or feeling out of control?
  • ...and do these things impair your enjoyment of your horse?

Would you like to:

  • have enough energy and confidence to make progress with your horse?
  • build a deeper connection with your horse?
  • clarify your communication skills?
  • develop a working relationship based on understanding and joy?

This six month program is a result of an ongoing conversation between Zaidee and Tess about how the principles and practice of classical horsemanship, yoga, the Alexander Technique, and healthy living can come together to inform, improve, and inspire your relationship with your horse and yourself.

Confident Body Language: December 13th from 12-4:30

Build confidence and clarity through learning how your body language and energy speaks (both intentionally and unintentionally) to your horse. $125

Balance Through Alignment: January 17th from 12-4:30

Change your postural habits and gain a deeper awareness of how your alignment (or misalignment) effects your horse's physical and mental balance. $125

Unifying Rhythm: When: February 14th from 12-4:30

Get in sync through discerning your horse's footfall at the walk, trot, and canter

thereby improving the timing and efficacy of your aids.$125

Cool Transitions: When: March 20th from 12-4:30

Acquire the skills to make clear transitions with quiet awareness, confidence, balance, and effective timing. $125

Horse Care / Human Care: April 10th from 12pm-4:30pm

Develop a better understanding of what your and your horse's body requires to thrive through an overview of diet, exercise, bodywork, and a simple daily routine. $125


Tess is began her training in classical dressage, natural horsemanship, and somatic movement practices over twenty years ago. She currently teaches in and around Cambridge, New York, where she developed an ongoing, integrative movement and bodywork program for riders. Her experience as a dancer and artist provides Tess with a devotion to collaboration, communication, and creativity, and she believes that learning to ride well is akin to learning to become a masterful artist; it requires a honing of the senses, an ability to listen, and a desire to communicate with clarity and feel.

ABOUT ZAIDEE follow link to read her bio.

This six month program is available to anyone who is a horse person or would like to become one. Limited to 12 people. You must reserve your space to attend. 

Cost: $577 Full Tuition, $97 payment plan automatically taken from credit card monthly, $125 each workshop.  Purchase here
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