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Yoga for Athletes

Why do you practice yoga? Is yoga just another group fitness class to you? What do these questions have to do with a class at Align Again Yoga Studio called “Yoga for Athletes”? Everything! It is easy to think about yoga as fitness – chances are good that if you practice regularly you will get stronger and fitter. That alone is a good reason to practice. But there can be more – especially if you are an athlete. If you are an athlete, you are already strong, you are already fit. You can “do” yoga, but why should you? Why should you come to a dedicated yoga studio rather than (or in addition to) taking a yoga class at a gym. Because there is more to yoga than powering through poses (asana). There is a lot more.

In this class, we will use our asana practice, whether we are beginners or more experienced practitioners, to look at and work with our personal range of motion, with the physical imbalances that come from sports (and life in general), and we will examine and make personal decisions about the tradeoff that often arises between mobility/flexibility and stability. We will sweat together as we do this part of our practice. But yoga is not only the physical. Asana practice is but one of eight limbs of yoga. There is much that athletes can learn and benefit from the other seven limbs. We can only scratch that surface, but we will. And that is what makes this class more than a group fitness class. Join us to see what yoga has to offer you as a past, present or maybe future athlete!

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