Align Again Yoga offers many opportunities to deepen your practice and skills with a small group of dedicated teachers, as well as awesome, wholesome retreat packages that are designed to relax, renew and reinspire you.

Yoga can not only help us with our physical aches and pains, it can become an entire way of living that brings balance and health.

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Greenwich, NY 12834

Individual Private Classes

  • Have a program that is designed especially you
  • Learn postures in greater detail
  • Familiarize yourself with yoga before taking a classs
  • Learn how to align your body to increase the benefits of these postures
  • Learn techniques to deepen your practice
  • Create your own home practice
  • Increase your knowledge of Yogicphilosophy
  • Develop a strong home practice
  • Deepen your practice through a better understanding of alignment
  • Learn about the anatomy and physiology of yoga
  • Practice advanced pranayama to deepen your yoga practice


Please call to schedule an appointment with any of our wonderful instructors.


Half Day Retreats

Set up a retreat day with Zaidee to get a short and focused coaching session in a very specific area.  These 3 hour sessions are meant to deeply immerse you in one specialized area of transformation. You can schedule one session or combine 2 for an all day immersion to get a really powerful and an enriching dose of activities and information that will give you tools to use to achieve the goals and intentions you are focussing on.

  • Grocery shopping the fun and healthy way
  • Cooking session designed specifically to your needs
  • Intensive goal setting session
  • Deep and restorative yoga and therapeutic session (includes journaling, breathing techniques and meditation)



Rates are available upon request