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Align Again Yoga hosts a variety of classes in Yoga, movement arts, alternative therapies and health related events. 

a cooperatively managed studio


Yoga is fast becoming a lifestyle for many people because it helps them feel better.  We offer classes for all levels at a variety of different times.

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Zaidee Bliss

 Owner, Align Again Yoga

Owner, Align Again Yoga

Zaidee started teaching back when she was 16 at her local ice skating rink. From then on, teaching became a way for her to learn more about what she loves. Later, while working as a mediation and conflict resolution teacher in New York City public middle schools, she went to school at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition followed by her first teacher training for yoga at Kripalu. Zaidee taught at a few studios in New York City for a while before she moved to New Hope, PA and began her study of alignment based Hatha Yoga. 

Currently, Zaidee is living in Easton, NY and teaching out of her dream studio in Greenwich, NY.  She studies continuously with different teachers and practices meditation with Paul Muller Ortega of Blue Throat Yoga.  

Zaidee’s classes are deeply influenced by her fascination with physics, the human body and the desire to find a sense of peace and real joy in every moment of life.  Her classes are well rounded and designed to suit the needs and levels of her students.  She pays special attention to correct alignment in order to more safely enhance her students’ practice while allowing them to align again with themselves.  Each class is unique and can have themes that relate to daily life or themes that are just kind of kooky and fun.  Meditation and the way we live are important parts of the yoga practice and emphasis is put on this practice in varying ways.  Zaidee wants everyone to love yoga as much as she does and is ready and able to help you integrate yoga and the lifestyle of yoga into your life. You can visit her personal website to learn more about her group programs and private coaching here. 

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George Green

 Instructor, Align Again Yoga

Instructor, Align Again Yoga

After retiring from a career in natural resource aviation, George wanted to find activities that challenge both the body and the mind.  Fortunately he found yoga and was able to develop an asana practice with some excellent teachers in various traditions while exploring his lifelong interest in philosophy and spirituality. George decided the best way to combine his love of the asana class experience and his desire to go deeper into breath techniques and meditation would be to take a teacher training.

He explored various schools of yogic thought and eventually found that Hatha yoga brought to him a sense of curiosity about our human condition as well as contentment with the process.  In the fall of 2011, he started a year long teacher training at Detox Yoga in Saratoga with Mark Kinder and on completion started teaching there, as well as at Align Again yoga in Greenwich.

George says, “I try to bring to my classes the skills helpful in reaching the serenity I experience when I practice, the maintenance of safety through alignment assists, and a curiosity in wondering about the connection of body mind and spirit”

George teaches Saturdays 9-10:30am. You can reach him at 518-692-7124 or email

Carol Hopper

 Instructor, Carol Hopper

Instructor, Carol Hopper

Carol knew for many years that studying yoga was in her future.  It was clear that it was a practice that was good for her body, mind and soul.   When living in Greenwich, Carol practiced with Zaidee at Align Again Yoga and has since completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training.  Through teacher training Carol has extensively studied and practiced meditation as well as focused on the importance of safe and proper alignment in yoga practice.  She has personally experienced the benefits of a regular practice through improved health, greater self-insight, and reduction of stress.   A warm, caring and supportive class that has a combination of challenging and soothing poses is what you’ll find in her classes.

Carol teaches on Wednesdays 6:15-7:45pm. You can reach her at 518-810-1098 or email

John Shoemaker

 Instructor, John Shoemaker

Instructor, John Shoemaker

John is a dedicated meditator and teacher who has a friendly, down to earth, and effective way of introducing meditation to students and teaching them ways to integrate the fundamentals of a seated practice into their daily lives. His teaching  comes from a comprehension that meditation is an essential part of helping us to tune into the deep meaning of our life, and thereby better understand our place in the world. He teaches regular multi-week  series for beginners as well as continuing programs and classes for ongoing meditators.  

John leads a regular meditation practice on Sundays 10:45-11:30am as well as beginning meditation series throughout the year.

You can reach him at or at the studio phone 5128-692-7041